Design is our forte, rigging is our expertise, and safety is our
primary concern.  Our steadfast goal is to find the safest and
most efficient solutions to the structural challenges
producers and exhibit managers encounter.

We provide our clients with expert technical direction for all
rigging aspects of their production.  Our process begins with
a comprehensive survey of the venue or location and
thorough analysis of all the relevant information.  After we
create a master drawing, we manage all aspects of the rigging
production, making recommendations to increase safety and
improve efficiency.  From concept to conclusion, from
installation through dismantle; our objective is to save our
clients time and money.

Utilizing the latest in automation technology, we have
partnered with the best in theatrical automation to find
integrated rigging solutions and expand the range of creative
possibilities for designers.

Our full time staff of experienced Riggers has over 100 years
of combined experience rigging large scale events on five
  • Design / 3D AutoCAD
  • Structural Engineering/Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Conventional Rigging
  • Automation
  • High Performance Rigging
  • Custom/Deployable Structures
  • Theater Renovations/Inspections
Our services