Rigging Dynamics Inc. (RDI) is a full service Rigging and Structural Design Company that is committed to the quality
of each client’s production and providing excellent customer satisfaction.  We have a full service Engineering
Department which enables us to fully cater to the needs of our clients.

RDI has an experienced survey and design team equipped to assess any venue or structure worldwide.  Our 3D-
AutoCAD experts work closely with our clients through the structural design development process to find the safest,
most intelligent and most cost efficient rigging and working-at-height solutions.

RDI employees are seasoned Production Riggers, with an intense focus on safety and efficiency.  Trained both in-
house and by independent industry related organizations, our Riggers are also qualified to perform a variety of
working-at-height tasks within national and international guidelines.

The best testament to our diligence and capability is a spotless six year track record of safety and success in the
corporate exhibition/entertainment industry.
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